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experts in financial translation
Vertaalbureau All-Round, Den Haag | All-Round Translations, The HagueVertaalbureau All-Round, Den Haag | All-Round Translations, The HagueVertaalbureau All-Round, Den Haag | All-Round Translations, The Hague
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We know how to speak finance

Our team of experienced translators will produce a flawless translation of your financial statements, investment report or prospectus. All are expert linguists whose strong affinity with the subject matter is reflected by their in-depth knowledge of the financial sector.


Financial translation company

Financial translation is a highly specialized discipline and demands very specific knowledge, not only of accounting (including IFRS and IAS) but also of tax legislation and the financial markets. We have that knowledge at our fingertips. We know how important a thorough understanding of the subject matter is when translating any financial document. 100% accuracy is required, as the slightest mistake can have huge implications.

Accordingly, we work exclusively with experienced, qualified translators and proofreaders who have an established and proven background in the field of financial translation. Many have taken a degree in translation or linguistics with further specialist qualifications.


Non-financial texts

We also specialize in legal translation. Like our financial specialists, our legal translators are professionals with many years' experience in their field. Click here for more information on our legal translation services.

In addition, we translate a wide range of other documents, including websites, manuals, advertising material, business correspondence, etc. Why not contact us for more information or request a free quote for your translation.


Certified translations

Some financial translations must be ‘certified’, i.e. made by a sworn translator. We provide this service. We have a team of specialist sworn translators who are registered in the Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Rbtv).



A certified translation can be validated by means of the standard ‘legalization’ procedure or, in certain circumstances, with a special court statement known as an ‘apostille’. We will be happy to undertake all formalities on your behalf, presenting a ‘ready-to-go’ product in the form of a fully legalized translated document.


Our customers

We have translated countless documents for accountants, tax advisors, tax lawyers, banks, insurance companies, financial services providers, listed blue-chip companies and other commercial clients in the Netherlands and elsewhere.



We translate financial texts from Dutch into English and vice versa. We also provide translations from Dutch into German, French and Italian, and from these languages into Dutch of texts of a more legal nature and other texts.



Each translation is produced by a team of at least two highly professional and experienced translators: a specialist in the relevant field, and a translator/proofreader who ensures that the finished product is a full and correct rendering of the original text.



We use state-of-the-art translation (CAT) tools to support the translation process. We also have access to our own extensive database, which contains a host of specialist terms, many of which cannot be found in standard dictionaries. Our clients' preferences are carefully noted: one man's 'Managing Director' is another man's 'CEO'! The All-Round database is unique: it has been developed over many years and is constantly updated with new information.


What material do we translate?

Examples of the work we regularly undertake include:
  • financial statements
  • annual reports
  • audit reports
  • auditor's opinions
  • investment reports
  • due-diligence reports
  • financial analyses and opinions
  • tax documents
  • correspondence with the tax authorities
  • company analyses
  • prospectuses
  • pension quotations
  • policy conditions
  • insurance documents
  • financial contracts
  • mortgage deeds
  • loan agreements
  • memos
  • SOQs


All-Round Translations, The Hague: experts in financial translation
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